Educational Philosophy

As a facilitator in the classroom I try to offer students a way of viewing and interacting with the world through different lenses and perspectives. In my classes I engage students in the intellectual process where they explore and connect their own experiences and understanding to the wider world.

I believe that education is a life-long process. I try to embody this for my students through my own continuous education. As an educator it is my job to provide my students with the skills, knowledge, and hopefully desire necessary to pursue their interests and higher education. My own education supports and influences my classroom and my teaching.

Learning does not only occur in the classroom. Education takes place on the sports field, through extra-curricular activities, and within the community. As an educator it is important for me to be involved in alternative classrooms. This gives me a different and complimentary perspective of my students. Thus, I coach middle school girls’ soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams. I offer bouldering after school classes at the local bouldering class for middle school students. For the past two years I was a Fall Trip leader for the grade 10 trip to Krakow, Poland. Three years ago I became a Community and Service coordinator. Connecting students with the local community and helping them come up with meaningful projects, provided a rewarding experience for me as an educator, and helped me get to know my students better.

In my language classes I have gained the ability to modify my lessons and provide accommodation for all of my students. Managing the difference in abilities among my students proved a difficult, but satisfying, challenge. I use activities to maintain the interest of higher-level students without intimidating less skilled speakers, to further enhance their educational experience. Differentiation is the key of my teaching philosophy. I truly believe that creating the learning atmosphere, where everyone feels included and counted for, will help student to reach his or her fullest potential.

In my Individuals & Societies classes, it is essential that the content of my course be accessible to all my students, and that each of them has the opportunity to succeed. I believe it is important that my teaching and curriculum acknowledges the diversity of student experience and readiness. My goal is that my teaching practice will continue to evolve and improve. Each day offers an opportunity for action and reflection. The integration of technology supports my goal of creating an accessible classroom. Technology should be used to improve teaching practice. Technology allows me to communicate with my students, provide collaborative opportunities, create interesting and engaging activities, and expose students to alternative artistic processes. I also use technology to support student responsibility and autonomy.

I like my classroom to be a buzzing, dynamic environment with a shared sense of purpose and enjoyment. The environment must support students’ creative and academic pursuits, while challenging them to constantly improve and push themselves.


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