Keep Smiling!

Hello world!

I’m a lucky person. I’m currently taking my Masters’ course in international education at Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts. It is an amazing program that deserves a separate post (coming soon!). This summer I spent the whole month in Madrid for my on-campus course. This was such a beautiful and rewarding experience! I met amazing people, my colleagues; was taught by professionals and learned so much!

I always considered myself to be an optimist. When in the restaurant I would always look at the glass filled with water and think to myself, ” So, Ira, what do you think? Is it half full or half empty?” Half full would be my answer. This post is dedicated to one of the books I was assigned to read for one of my courses. I read this book in two days and just recently I re-read it again.

This book made me take a look at my deep routines that I follow without giving them second thought or analysing them. The book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, has thankfully stopped me at my tracks, and made me think critically if there are things/habits  in my life I need to change.

I was thinking about things I do all the time. One of the things I wanted to change was the time I normally woke up. You would not call me an early bird. I was one of those people who had at least three alarms set for the morning, hoping they would wake up to the last one. In my case I would sleep past the last one, until I realised I had no time to make myself breakfast, and I rush to work. Following the tips given in the book, I tried to “play” with my routing to see what the reason for this behaviour was, and ways to change this habit. It took me some time. It hasn’t been awhile, but now I’m able to wake up at the time I set my alarm for. I don’t need to snooze my alarm or set some additional alarms. And I’m thankful for this! This additional time gives me the opportunity to do some yoga in the morning, or go for a run; I have enough time to enjoy my breakfast without being rushed and prepare for a productive day.

This takes me to another change that I’ve made…How I structure my mornings. I used to open my computer first thing in the morning to check my inbox and to make sure I don’t have “emergencies” that need to be sorted right away. I was looking for fixing the problems without realising that this habit makes me weary and changes the whole day. I haven’t mastered this habit, but I practice to stay first hour (sometimes 2) without reading and/or replying to the inbox emails. I let myself enjoy my mornings and embrace this freedom. I believe that this practice forces me to enjoy every moment of my day and be more productive during the day.

There are couple of other habits I try to change or embrace, although I’ll write about them in the other post. I highly recommend to read this book by Charles Duhigg. It is an easy and interesting read.

Stay tuned!



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