Christmas in Tanzania 2013-2014

Time for warm Christmas Vacation! This time our destination was Tanzania, Africa.

This trip was divided in 2 parts: Safari and beach holiday. There are many companies who offer safaris, all these vary in price, quality and length. We were very lucky to have some of our ex-colleagues who live and work in Tanzania. Thus, we were given many different tips and names of reliable companies.

Our trip started with our late (3 a.m.) arrival to the Kilimanjaro airport. While we were standing in line to obtain visa, the lights went off at least twice. Such a unique experience!!! After we received our luggage, we were picked up by a driver who took us to our ex-colleagues house. Driving in Africa at night time proved to be a challenging experience…hardly any lights on the road and most of the cars have no lights on. Nevertheless, we were lucky to get to our colleague’s place. They work for International School of Moshi and live on its beautiful campus. We spent a night there, after which we were up for our safari adventure.

The company guide was prompt (something not very common in Africa, as time seems to go slower here), and at 6 a.m. we were on our way to the Tarangire National Park.

Our time in the camp was one of the best experiences ever. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Our camp even had a swimming pool, so we could relax after our safari, while watching a beautiful sunset. We were lucky to see different animals (see the pictures below).

For the second leg of this vacation we went to Zanzibar. It’s a beautiful island and has so many things to offer. We decided to stay away from the touristy areas of Zanzibar and experience true rural life in Africa. We chose Jambiani Town and rented a house in this small village. Dudes guesthouse was like a place from a fairytale. It is a two-storey building with a nice yard and is just 1 minute away from the beach. We rented it for almost two weeks. During our second week there our colleagues from Ukraine came to visit us and stayed with us for one more week. Dude (the owner) lives on the 2d floor. He will make breakfast for you and will fill your fridge with everything necessary. We were very lucky to stay here to celebrate New Years as Dude makes best New Year dinner you could possibly expect. If you are open to trying something unique and special, stay here. It’s magnificent.

On our next trip to Tanzania (yes, we will definitely come back), we plan to hike Kilimanjaro mountain and visit Lake Manyara.

This amazing country has so many cool and adventurous things to offer to everyone! I loved this place and I’m looking forward to coming back here!


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