Middle School Girls Basketball Tournament in Riga, Latvia (2014)

Hello world!

This was one of our basketball tournaments. The reason I chose to write a post about this tournament is because it was the most intense game in the finals I’ve ever been part of. We had a tournament in Riga, Latvia. It was a blessing experience for our girls to travel to one more country and make new friend there.

Our girls played really strong (as usual!) and showed themselves as a very professional team. We were lucky to play against very strong teams from other schools, learn from them and see areas where we, as a team, needed improvement. As coaches, we were lucky to see that our players were open to constructive criticism, and tried to adapt their game to what we felt was the best strategy. Our girls’ skills took them to the finals. Again, they were competing for 1 and 2 place.

This final game was the most competitive and intense I’ve ever encountered on a middle school girls level. In the first quarter our team was losing with the score of 18-8. However, they finished the 4th quarter with the score of  21-21. We went into extra 15 minutes but the score remained the same for both teams. At the end of the second 15 additional time slot our girls gained a tremendous victory with 1 point. This game time was one of the most exciting times in my coaching career. I couldn’t be more proud for our girls. They showed themselves as the team who could recover in the first quarter and win after 30 minutes of additional playing time while being exhausted. So proud of these young ladies!

Go Panthers!

DSC_1980 DSC_2007 DSC_2019 DSC_2035


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