Middle School Girl’s Soccer Champions! AGAIN!

What I love about my job is that I have this amazing opportunity to contribute to my students’ social and emotional development through activities outside the classroom. I love the experience of getting to know my students better. Coaching provides me with this unique opportunity. We have just finished our 1st season of after school activities – middle school (MS) girls’ soccer.

This year MS girls went to Riga, Latvia for their soccer tournament. We are a young team this year, mainly consisting of grade 6-7 students. As coaches, we were hoping to play for 3d-4th place.  On our way to Riga we made a deal with the girls, that if they win the tournament, we will wear their funny hats all the way back to Ukraine.

The first day of the tournament was exceptionally successful. Our team won three out of three games they played. Girls were pretty tired, but very satisfied with the result.Our second day brought us into finals for the 1st place. We lost our round robin against host Latvian team. Their team had a very good striker, who was strong, fast, and skilled. We faced the same team in our final game for the 1st place. I admire how our girls stood strong against the team that has won over them once. We employed a strategy of attacking their defenders and mid-fielders to prevent any passes up to their striker. It worked well for most of the time. When it didn’t work our goalie, Maia, stood strong. In the end, our girls pulled out a victory of 4-1.

As the result, coaches had to wear their funny hats. You can see us wearing them on the plane and at the airport in the pictures below.


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